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Corona Lockdown- Reset your LIFE and Enjoy

This had to happen…and it is happening. The way we were moving with the breakneck speed, there had to be a speed breaker. Nature has now placed that speed breaker. Life is currently shaken and uncertain, but if you see the positive side, Life has given us an excellent opportunity to ponder, pause and take time off from our crazy living.

All those great things, which we always cherished but could not do because of lack of time, are back and knocking at our doors. Life has given us a great chance to reset it, one more time.

Few of the things, which we can do without spending anything during these times of 'social distancing' and 'work from home' are so refreshing and simple. Time to reboot the LIFE.

Family Time This is the best time to select a great movie to watch with your family over dinner. You can also dust the old Ludo, Snakes and Ladder or Chess and challenge your kids or the partner.

Eat Less, Eat Healthy Great time for simple home-cooked meals. Learn new dishes on YouTube and surprise your family. Also, avoid ordering food from outside. Restrict your food intake and avoid snacking.

My Home is My Exercise Centre Start small exercises at home, Standing Lunges, Push-Ups, Jumping Jacks, Planks, Squats are a few of the things that do not require any equipment. Yoga is another excellent way to exercise without any effort; simple breathing exercise would do as well.

Listen to the Music Time to catch up with all your favourite music you missed due to hectic work-life. Time to create your own collections for the travel, whenever that happens

Read Books Rekindle the habit of reading books, pick up a book, snuggle in a cosy place with a cup of team and read. Just enjoy the old-fashioned way.

Catch up with all the lost friends Remember your old college friend a great ex-colleagues, time to catch up. Call them up and reignite the friendship. It would be such a great feeling to be back in those days and amazing times.

Meditate Time to reconnect to yourself and the best way to do that is to meditate. Start with just 15 minutes with light music anytime during the day. Great way to calm down in uncertain times.

Stop brooding and start enjoying the 'social distancing' and 'work from home'.

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