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Hi, I am Atul Holkar, Transformational Strategist for Aspirational Professionals

A corporate honcho and an army veteran with more than three decades of work experience both in peace and at war.

As the founder of ‘Art of Working,' my aim is to help working professionals in their career crafting for a successful and enriching life.


We become good doctors, engineers, management executives but rarely become a successful professional. We learn skills but never the ‘Art of Working.


We all have experienced that people with great skills fail, however, most of the times people with lesser skills succeed. How does that happen?

Having worked for decades, I have come to one conclusion that skills are just one part of the profession, it is the Art of Working that makes one a successful professional.

Besides learning the Art of Working through on job training I have also learnt the science behind the ‘Art of Working’. I am a certified a ‘Career Transformation Strategist’ and ‘Leadership and Success Coach'. I am also a Richard Bandler Certified 'Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner' and a certified scholar in 'Science of Happiness at Work' at the University of California, Berkeley.​

I am an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and ISB, Hyderabad. I am also an accredited professional from Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston; Kellogg School of Management, Chicago and IIT Delhi. 

​I am a visiting faculty to many prominent educational institutes in the country and an international speaker. Have worked in four continents, with large MNCs and the great Indian army. I have received multiple awards and recognition in my long and illustrious career.


​Connect with me for one to one or through webinars, seminars and workshops to plan and achieve your career dreams.

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